**The following is an Op-Ed by 15-year-old Lucky Basseri, a young Patriot that is fighting indoctrination in schools and has not lost hope on his generation. Basseri shared examples of his schoolwork from his Los Angeles public school and photos from his classroom with The Gateway Pundit. Please see his brave article below:

A Day In The Life Of A Conservative Kid In A Liberal School of Indoctrination

By Lucky Basseri

My high school day in Los Angeles kicks off at 8:45 AM. As the morning announcements finish, students are asked to stand up for “The Pledge of Allegiance”. I rise promptly, placing my hand over my heart as I turn toward the flag nestled in the corner of the room. A cursory glance reveals I stand alone, met with disapproving stares for my fervent and unwavering allegiance to the greatest country on earth. Not a single student, nor a teacher stands for the flag. As I return to my seat I survey the room, preparing myself to get ready for a day of what they call “education” ahead.

I turn my gaze to the left side of the classroom. A shrine-like display hangs on the wall, displaying the symbol of the domestic terror organization that is BLM, over the background of the alphabet mafia flag.

A bulletin board in the classroom of teenager Lucky Basseri shared with The Gateway Pundit displays the Black Lives Matter fist in a rainbow LGBTQ+ type flag.

Next, I open my Google Classroom to see the work that awaits me. I have to listen to a poem called “PRINCESS IN DISTRESS” in which a man attempts to compare himself to a distressed Disney princess. In the poem, he describes his fictional gender transition, and encourages youth to do the same as him. We must read this for our high school summer reading, and write a report on it.

A snapshot of a lesson from Lucky Basseri’s classroom share with The Gateway Pundit. “Queer spoken word poet They/Them explores themes of gender identity using popular culture references and personal stories.”

Moving forward, I delve into a Washington Post article titled “DISNEY’S DEFINITION OF ‘FAMILY FRIENDLY’ ISN’T THE SAME AS FLORIDA’S.” The article goes into detail about Disney’s opposition to the “Parental Rights in Education Bill” (which protects the children of Florida from the extreme gender ideology being pushed by the left). The article attacks the bill, and levels accusations against Republicans, alleging they’re “targeting gay Americans”.

Following this, I then move onto the next piece of media that I have to digest to in order to finish all incoming high school student’s mandated “Summer Reading”. I have to listen to an NPR podcast that steps up to defend the left’s grooming books for elementary schoolers. I once again have to complete an assignment on the podcast, and answer biased questions where we have to write in favor of the Trans Agenda.

Schoolwork that Lucky Basseri shared with The Gateway Pundit that discusses “Banned Books” & why children should be able to read them.

I then go to my next class, where the entire period the history teacher rants about President Trump and Republicans. The teacher then shockingly claims that Ben Carson, former HUD secretary and presidential candidate, had passed away from COVID-19. She said he caught the virus after attending a White House party while not waring a mask. She concludes by saying that Trump supporters were semi-fascists, and that she hopes none of us (students) had rooted for President Trump to win in the 2020 election.

Lunchtime follows. As usual, several students shoot me dirty looks, shout expletives at me, or mock me. I feel disheartened, yet resolute as I navigate the radical echo chamber in the school. Yet every passing day, my conviction and determination grows stronger.

As a torchbearer of tomorrow, I know that it is my civic duty to stand up and speak out when I see tyranny, both foreign and domestic. It is up to me to talk to my fellow classmates & speak out against wrongdoing. I know that many people have lost faith in Generation Z, but I have not. They are just kids and need the right guidance and role models.

We can save our education system, and we can take back our country if people are not afraid to speak up. There is hope for future generations and we can break through the indoctrination. The torchbearers of tomorrow can and will wake up if we fight for them. I know that one day when I stand for the American flag others will stand with me, and our school curriculum will not be manufactured to fit into political agendas. Please do not lose hope on us! I won’t.

Older generations- we need you. A Generation Z revolution of free thinkers, patriots and freedom fighters will emerge if we do not give up. 

Please never stop fighting for us.

Lucky Basseri is a 15-year-old speaker, activist, and freedom fighter that has fought far-left tyranny and propaganda for the past two and a half years. He has been a speaker at various Conservative Events, including the “Determined Patriotism Conference”, “Defeat the Mandates LA”, the “Recall Gavin Newsom Tour”, and the “Worldwide Rally for Freedom”. You can follow Lucky @PoliticalLucky on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Truth Social.

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