With its Friday passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives put the Biden Administration on notice that the grownups are back in charge of America’s military preparedness. The $895.3-billion measure—which passed on a vote of 217 to 199—ratchets Pentagon policy back from the abyss of D.E.I-driven nonsense that under Joe Biden has seen our armed forces devolve into daycare centers instead of fearsome fighting troops.

No more funding for hormone therapy woke reeducation seminars, and other Biden-approved brainwashing antics that have caused powerful enemies like China, Iran, and Russia to double over in laughter while our troops are subjected to the madness that diversity and inclusion foist on our soldiers and sailors…best personified by Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin saying his goal is to “make the military look like America.”

(Nope, Lloyd. Americans are great, but more than a few are overweight, addicted to drugs and video games, and listless, and many have had their frontal lobes poisoned by nutso college professors. These are not people fit to wear a military uniform.) 

The just-passed NDAA also includes the elimination of Diversity “mandates” which added descriptions of sex and gender identity to schools and curriculums funded by the Defense Department. As Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-Montana) told The Washington Post: “Quite frankly if you don’t know if you’re a man or a woman, you shouldn’t have your hand on the button that launches missiles.” Amen.

On the Salem Media Group news program “THIS WEEK ON THE HILL,”  Florida Congressman Mike Waltz—a retired Green Beret who serves on the House Armed Services Committee—underscored the deadly challenges our military faces each day. Waltz cited this week’s arrival of a nuclear-powered submarine in Havana harbor in Cuba, noting that its deadly missiles were now a mere 90 miles from American soil.

“This means if Vladimir Putin did decide to launch something, you’d have seconds to respond,” Waltz observed, adding: “We always have to take that kind of capability right off of our shores very seriously. But this is on top of China opening new spy bases right there in Cuba, as well.”  The Florida Republican warns that the Biden Administration has paid zero attention to military security in our own hemisphere…while the wheels are coming off its foreign policy in the Middle East.

“The administration is once again talking out of both sides of its mouth, for purely domestic political reasons for Biden’s left-wing political base,” Waltz notes.  “On the one hand they’re saying the latest proposed cease-fire (with Hamas) was an Israeli proposal…but out of the other side of their mouth they say Netanyahu and the Israelis need to get on board.”

(All of this was not helped, to put it charitably, by a photo-op on Thursday where leaders of the G-7 nations were posing for the media and President Biden just wandered off toward a field, staring into the air until Italy’s prime minister turned him around and pointed him back to the assembled group. I can’t recall a more depressing and sad moment since the aging Henry Fonda panicked because he couldn’t remember his way to the Old Town Road to pick berries in the film “On Golden Pond.”)

This leads me back to the latest episode of “THIS WEEK ON THE HILL,” where U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson updates radio listeners and Salem News Channel viewers on the GOP’s agenda for the first 100 days of what he expects will be the next Trump Administration.

Johnson—whose leadership has already teed up a July 27th address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a joint session of Congress—displays an impressive command of everything from current legislation to foreign affairs…helping calm those of us for whom the prospect of more months of Joe Biden as President is only outweighed by the horrifying prospect of Biden being succeeded by Vice President Kamala Harris.

November 5th cannot arrive soon enough.

“THIS WEEK ON THE HILL” is produced by Salem Media Group, the parent company of TOWNHALL. The news program is released each weekend starting at 10 AM Eastern time on the Salem News Channel and is also heard on leading radio stations nationwide via the Salem Radio Network.

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