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Kaiden Uribe is a 5-year-old from Syracuse, New York. He and his family recently got some news — but not the kind to celebrate.

The Uribes found out their youngest member has leukemia, and their lives have been turned upside down. Their future is now full of doctor’s appointments, medical bills and the unknown.

Thankfully, they have a support system that hasn’t been shy about showing the family how much they are loved.

On Dec. 4, a friend created a GoFundMe for the Uribes to help pay for “gift cards to get meals on the go as Kaiden battles cancer at the hospital and at home, treatment specifics Kaiden requires that are not covered by insurance and small indulgences that will strengthen Kaiden’s determination when the campaign gets tough.”

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“Kaiden’s Corner is already crewed by his loving parents, sister and family,” the website reads.

“As givers, you will become active members of the team, manning the corner through all the challenges to come for Kaiden and his family with your treasured financial support.

“Kaiden is bravely stepping into the ring to confront the difficulties ahead, please consider joining his team to show your devotion to this young, joyful warrior, it will be truly cherished.”

So far, over $7,000 has been raised to help the family with medical and child care expenses.

Local law enforcement has also made a big show of support by staging a parade and meet-up with the young boy.

On Dec. 10, the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office orchestrated a convoy of police vehicles, lights and sirens blaring, that pulled up to the Uribes’ home while Kaiden looked on.

When the officers got out, they approached the house bearing gifts and laid them at Kaiden’s feet. Meanwhile, his dad gave a brief overview of the family’s situation and asked for prayers.

“Sometimes Superheroes Reside in the hearts of Small Children Fighting Big Battles,” the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook page.

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“Today, a few of our members along with a member of the Camillus Police Department had the pleasure of meeting one of those superheroes named Kaiden Uribe. Kaiden, who is 5 years old, was recently diagnosed with leukemia and after spending several days in the hospital, he was able to return home where we had the opportunity to greet him with lights, sirens and gifts.

“Stay Strong Kaiden and Keep Fighting the Fight.”

Many have found the gesture heartwarming and have added in their own best wishes and prayers for Kaiden. As he goes forward with his treatment, the support of local law enforcement, friends and family will help remind him how much he is loved.

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