Minnesota Social Study Standards

Every ten years Minnesota’s governor appoints a committee to establish new standards for one of the major topics to be taught in the state’s schools. In 2021 it was the turn of social studies standards to be redone. The last time standards were developed for social studies was in 2011. This webinar provides background on the standards, major concerns about the new standards, how the committee establishing the standards was appointed, who is on the committee, what is the standards’ current status and what we need to do. Watch this 50-minute webinar to get a better understanding of what the social study standards are and why it is important to make changes to the first draft that was published.

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Listen to the 2021 Social Study Standards committee discuss changes they may make to the standards in their second draft. This recording was made by the Center For American Experiment who is following this issue closely. We will update this webinar once the committee issues their second draft.

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