2020  Twin City Metro Primary Voter Guides

Below is a list of voter guides that we have produced for each position that is up for election during the 2020 primary in the nine counties that we selected for this year. All candidates were either emailed or mailed instructions on how to fill out the questionnaire and we gathered all responses to the questionnaire and produced a corresponding voter guide for each position.

Since this was our first year, not all candidates felt compiled to answer the questionnaire. We have noted candidates who didn’t respond with an “NR” in the answer to the questions. Candidates who elected to respond provided one of three possible answers, “O – Oppose”, “S – Support” or “DNA – Did Not Want To Answer”.

If you want to get more information on a specific candidate, we did provide the opportunity for candidates to supply additional information for their candidate page. The information that we received, can be found on the candidate’s page. Click on the link below to find a list of all candidates and information that we either received from the candidate. We also attempted to find their social media accounts and provide links to them. If you use adobe reader or one of the other pdf readers, you can click on the social media account links to go to the candidate’s page. Not all candidates have social media accounts or at least, we could not find them. Encourage your candidate to provide answers to the questions as this allows the public to get a better understanding of who they are and how they might vote, if elected.

We do want to thank each of the candidates who did respond for their time and effort to provide this information to the public. We did reach out to every candidate to give them the opportunity to answer our questions and provide information for their candidate page.

We encourage all voters to print out the voter guides and distribute these to your friends, your neighbors, and your church. If you have additional information on any of these candidates, please feel free to share it with your friends. Our goal is to develop a smart voter so that they understand who each of the candidates are and how they will be voting.

Click Here To See A List of Candidate Pages

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